2017-18 Full Event Schedule

2017-2018 Chorus Events Calendar


The events in bold are required for ALL students

Events marked with an asterisk (*) are required for Honors Vocal Ensemble members only



Event                                      Date                                        Time   (Call Time)    Location

Uniform Fitting                     September 12, 2017                5-8PM                         Cultural Arts wing

Honors Chorus auditions        September 28, 2017                 Morning                       UNCG

Mars Hill auditions                  October 12, 2017                    Afternoon                    Page High School

All County Chorus                   October 20-21, 2017               all day                          Grimsley High School

Fall Concert                           October 16, 2017                 7:00PM (6PM)           NWHS Auditorium

NC Honors Chorus                 November 10-11, 2017             All day                         Benton Center, W-S, NC

*Summerfield Tree Lighting    November 18, 2017                 5:30PM (5PM)             Athletic Park

*NWMS Winter Concert         December 5, 2017                   7:00PM                        NWHS Auditorium

*Oak Ridge Elementary           December 18, 2017                 9AM                            Oak Ridge Elementary

Christmas Caroling                  December 14, 2017                5:00 PM (4:00)             Brighton Gardens                                                     (Honors Women’s Ensemble only)

Winter Concert                      December 11, 2017                 7:00PM (5PM)           NWHS Auditorium

(Weather Date)                           December 18, 2017                    same as above                 same as above

*Summit Rotary Club              December 15, 2017                 TBA                            Starmount Country Club

*Kernodle MS Concert            December 2017                       TBA                            Kernodle MS

*NWMS Winter Concert         December 2017                       TBA                            NWHS Auditorium

Mars Hill Rehearsal                  January, 2018                           4:30-7:30PM                Page High School

Mars Hill Festival                    February 2-3, 2018                  All Day                        Mars Hill University

Festival Concert                    February 26, 2018                  7:00PM (6PM)           NWHS Auditorium

(Weather Date)                           March 1, 2018                          same as above                 same as above

NC MPA                               March 5-8, 2017                     TBD                           Wake Forest University

All State Zone Rehearsal         March 18, 2018                       5-8PM                         NWHS Cultural Arts wing

(Weather Date)                           March 26, 2018                        5-8PM                          NWHS Cultural Arts wing

Spring Trip                              March 21-25, 2018                  TBD                            TBD

All State Festival                     April 15-16, 2018                    All Day                        Duke Energy Center

*NWMS Spring Concert          May 7                                      7:00                             Auditorium

Spring Show Rehearsal         May 16, 2018                           4:30PM                       NWHS Auditorium

Spring Show                           May 17-18, 2018                      7:00PM (6PM)           NWHS Auditorium

*Summerfield Founders Day   May, 2018 (TBD)                    (TBD)                          Summerfield NC

Tuxedo Return                        May 22, 2018                           In Class                       In Class

End of Year Cookout              June 2, 2017                            TBD                            Bur-Mil Park

Graduation                            June 13, 2018                          9:00 AM (8:15 AM)    Greensboro