If you are interested in joining The Viking Voices at Northwest Guilford High School, then stop by and see Mrs. Alt in the Chorus room (512) or email her at altb@gcsnc.com for more information.

You do not need previous choral experience to participate in the chorus at the high school level.

Anyone can sign up to be in chorus, regardless of your background in music!

Some reasons to join the chorus:

  • Research has proven that students who have music included in their daily learning perform more highly in reading, writing, and math.
  • The longer a students studies music, the higher his or her scores tend to be on all three portions of the SAT: verbal, written, and math.
  • College admissions officers give special consideration to students who are part of their high school music programs because of the skills and responsibility that it develops in the students.
  • Employers often seek students who are involved with their high school music programs because of the student's ability to solve problems and work with all kinds of people.
  • Joining the chorus gives students an immediate sense of belonging. From the first day of school, they are immediately surrounded with a group of people with whom they have common interests and can find a sense of "belonging."

An Infamous UNtruth about music in high school:

There are those who fear that the added workload of the high school curriculum will keep them from being able to participate in a music program . . . that is simply an UN-truth! Ironically, it is often the continuation of musical studies that proves to be the transitional key to success in many academically and athletically gifted students!



Students who are new to the choral program at the high school level or have no previous high school choral experience will be placed into one of the following two classes:

Women and men will be placed into the Second period Concert Choir

In this choir, you will learn to:

  • Identify note names and major key signatures on the treble and bass clefs
  • Sight-read beginning to intermediate rhythms
  • Sight-sing beginning to intermediate melodies in two parts using solfège syllables and Curwen hand signs
  • Recognize and respond to tempo, dynamic, and expression marks within notated music
  • Respond to basic conducting gestures


Students who have been in the choral program for at least one year may choose to audition for one or both of the following honors choirs:

Honors Vocal Ensemble (SSAATTBB) - open to both men and women grades 10-12 by audition only

Honors Women's Chorus (SSAA) - open to women only grades 10-12 by audition only

In these choirs, you will learn to:

  • Identify minor key signatures on the treble and bass clefs
  • Sight-read advanced rhythms
  • Sight-sing advanced melodies in up to four parts
  • Readily recognize and respond to tempo, dynamic, and expression marks within notated music
  • Respond to more advanced conducting gestures

Honors Level Audition Requirements:

The audition for the Honors level choirs includes singing a piece of choral music, a sight-singing exercise, and a vocalization to determine your range.

The Honors level choirs are frequently asked to sing for community events, which are mandatory performances according to the course requirements.